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15 SEO Marketing Stats for 2018

Is your SEO campaign not delivering intended results? Do you wonder why your competitor’s website ranks top on the Search Engine Results Pages? You may find your answer in stats that give you a sense of the latest trends in the market and also what you must focus on to stay ahead of the competition. Here we have compiled 15 SEO marketing stats from 2018 and also take a look at what these stats mean to your campaign.

Stat #1– More than 90% (93% to be precise) online experiences start at the search engine
What It Means for You–You can’t ignore Search Engine Optimization or in other words, you are turning your back on more than 90% potential traffic by not optimizing your website.

Stat #2– 75% users never visit the second page of search results
What It Means for You–You hardly visit the second page and so do others. If you want to draw leverage from the search engines you need to rank on the first page.

Stat #3– First four links account for 96% of all clicks
What It Means for You–Your SEO goal should be to rank among the top 4 results for targeted keywords and key phrases as this is where bulks of opportunities exist.

Stat #4– Voice searches account for 10% of all searches
What It Means for You–You need to focus on long-tail keywords such as questions – Why, How, What etc. as they are used in voice searches.

Stat #5– Google holds 77.43% market share among search engines
What It Means for You–Your SEO strategy should be focussed on Google at the same time you shouldn’t ignore the 1 out of 4 users who use the likes of Bing, Yahoo, and AOL

Stat #6– 72% local searches result in store visit within 24 hours
What It Means for You–If you are in the retail business, run a restaurant or a floral store you need to focus on local SEO marketing to increase your sales.

Stat #7 – Updating old posts/blogs increase traffic by 110%
What It Means for You–Refine content on your old posts by adding more relevant content and fresh images as this will improve your traffic.

Stat #8 – 70% users tend to ignore paid ads
What It Means for You–You need to target organic traffic and can’t solely rely on paid search marketing for your needs.

Stat #9 – SEO offers 10 times the success of Outbound Marketing
What It Means for You–SEO enjoys 15% success rate compared to 1.5% of outbound strategies such as Email marketing and cold calling. You need to focus on SEO for your growth.

Stat #10 – For 61% customers Internet is the primary research tool before buying products
What It Means for You–You need to run a successful Online Marketing campaign to target them and increase the sale of your products.

Stat #11 – 72% marketers see content as the biggest driving force in SEO
What It Means for You–Your content needs to be unique, it must be informative and add value to a user’s experience.

Stat #12 – First rank websites On SERP have nearly 2000 word content
What It Means for You–Long-form content is the way to go when it comes to search engine optimization. Lack of content can restrict your website’s growth on SERP.

Stat #13 – Offline sales are boosted by 78% with strong online presence
What It Means for You–Irrespective of the business you are in you need to increase your online visibility as it improves your odds.

Stat #14 – 47% customers browse website before talking to company’s salesperson
What It Means for You–Your web presence and visibility on the search engine is more important than you think. Your website should arouse the right kind of interest in your potential customers.

Stat #15 – Mobile friendly site increases sales by over 60%
What It Means for You–If your site isn’t mobile friendly you are turning your back on a large chunk of your potential customers. And every year the percentage of mobile traffic is going high so you should opt for responsive design.

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